Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a well-defined body of medicine that deals with the use of physical agents such as exercise, motion, heat, cold, electricity, light, sound in the recuperation and rehabilitation of a diseased or injured body.  While it is well defined, it is also a growing science where new treatments and approaches are discovered, invented and researched every day.  It is important to understand that as these changes happen and as these approaches evolve; your therapist should be able to incorporate these in your care so that you are able to reach your maximum potential in the most cost effective manner.

Before you begin physical therapy, there are a few good questions to ask to be sure that the physical therapist and the clinic is a good fit for you (Sears).

1.  Rapport

When you attend physical therapy, you should feel like you and your Huntington Beach physical therapist are engaged in a therapeutic alliance to help you move better and feel better. You don’t have to be best pals with your physical therapist, but you should feel comfortable with your physical therapist and feel like a positive therapeutic relationship has been created between the two of you. Communication lines should always feel open.

Could one have a positive physical therapy experience with very little rapport with a physical therapist? YES! But if you have attended four sessions with your physical therapist and can’t remember his or her name, then you probably are not developing a solid rapport with your PT.

2.  Listen and Communicating

All people are biased. It is impossible to get away from it. People have ideas about how things should be done, and sometimes it can be difficult to stray from those ideas and methods.

You physical therapist has specific skills and methods that he or she has learned over the years to help treat patients. He may be biased to certain treatment methods. But sometimes those specific methods may not work for you. If that is the case, talk to your physical therapist about changing your rehab program to suit your needs. If your physical therapist is unwilling to modify your treatment program a bit to help you, perhaps you should find a new PT.

3.  Appointment Times

If you contact a HB physical therapy clinic and need to wait more than a few weeks to see a physical therapist, perhaps you should find a different clinic. Why? Because studies show that many musculoskeletal conditions like back pain and shoulder pain respond favorably when the right care is started early after the initial injury.

If it takes weeks and weeks before you can even start in physical therapy, perhaps finding a therapist who can treat you right away is best

4.  Passive vs Active Treatments

Passive treatments and modalities like ultrasound, traction, or massage feel good. They can also be an important part of your physical therapy program. Passive treatments should however not be the only part of your treatment program.

Most studies indicate that active treatments like exercise and postural correction are beneficial for many conditions. Be sure that your physical therapist teaches you about your condition and offers you solutions for self-care to help with your condition. Passive treatments may only serve to make you dependent on your physical therapist. Active treatments help to give you control over your situation.

At Health Pro Wellness Center, we offer the entire spectrum of care from passive modalities (Decompression, LASER Therapy, Shockwave therapy, Soft Tissue and Massage Therapy, Electrical Stimulation, etc) to active modalities (Whole Body Vibration, Therapeutic Exercise, Exercise Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Activities, etc.).  We always offer the best treatment plan needed by your specific needs.

5.  Personal Attention and Care

Your physical therapist is likely managing many patients and is working hard to ensure each person receives the best care possible.

Sometimes your physical therapist gets busy, and he or she may be managing one or two patients at a time. But if your physical therapist is bouncing between you and four other patients, then you may want to find a physical therapist who offers more personalized care and attention.

At Health Pro Wellness Center, we do not double book our patients.  You get your own time and the physical therapist attends only to you and you alone during that treatment time.  Treatment times vary between 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the condition.

6.  Treatment is Provided by a Licensed Professional

You physical therapy treatment should always be provided by a California licensed physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant (PTA). Many clinics have other workers like athletic trainers, physical therapy aides, or rehabilitation technicians who help physical therapists manage workflow and patients. Your care should not be provided solely by these people. Only physical therapists and PTA’s who are licensed by the state in which they work can provide your care.

At Health Pro Wellness Center, we do not only provide licensed physical therapy services but we are also entrusted with the clinical internship of physical therapy and kinesiology programs of various colleges and universities.  Internships and training at Health Pro has helped many up and coming therapists improve the level of care they provide with the close attention we offer.

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